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It’s hard to believe that Yorkville was once a hippie-haven and hotbed for radical, anti-establishment thinking in the 1960’s. Yorkville is now one of the city’s most elite neighbourhoods with narrow but opulent Toronto houses for sale and lavish new-build condominiums.

Yorkville is known for its high-end shopping – it has some of the most expensive commercial rent in North America – along with luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants that draw in hordes of tourists. But it’s also a wonderful part of the city to live in.

Residents enjoy easy access to amenities and transit along with all the perks of an affluent lifestyle like visits to the spa, fine grocers and a day spent hunting for exquisite art and antiques at one of the many private dealers.

Best For...

Affluent singles and couples looking for a lavish lifestyle and high-end Toronto homes for sale, including some of Toronto's most luxurious condos.

Why We Love Yorkville

It Defines Summer in the City for Us

Sure, when one thinks of summer one may conjure images of picnics in the park or strolls by the lakefront. But summer in the city for us isn’t complete without days spent lounging on the big rock on Cumberland with an iced coffee and sipping a cocktail (or three) on the rooftop patios of iconic Yorkville bars like Remy’s, The Pilot and Hemingway’s.


Isn’t it Romantic?

Despite its elite status, there’s something really quaint and romantic about a hot summer night spent wandering Yorkville with a loved one. We think it might have something to do with its bohemian roots.

There’s still a rebel heart beating inside that luxurious façade that makes you want to follow a very grown-up, very fancy dinner date with a game of tag in Yorkville Park. Or is that just us?

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