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Queen West Estate Market Snapshot

Most expensive neighbourhood in Toronto
1.1 million
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Young professionals looking for lofts and condos for sale in Toronto in a central, gentrified yet artistic community.

Why We Love Queen West

It’s a Live Music Mecca

Queen West has some of the best live music venues in the city. It’s missing a big arena-style venue like the Air Canada Centre but a mega-hall would be out of place in this indie hub.

Queen West Toronto is home to a wide array of informal, innovative and, okay, sometimes dingy but always-memorable music venues. Known particularly for its rock and metal scene, it’s a great place to discover local talent either in one of the neighbourhood’s larger clubs or in any number of its intimate venues.

Local favourites include the beloved Cameron House, the Horseshoe Tavern and the Rivoli.

It Still Has Edge. But it’s Softened.

Despite those who claim Queen West has sold its soul to big chain commerce and condos, there is plenty of heart left in this bohemian neighbourhood.

Independent artists’ co-ops work hard to give artists opportunities and keep the cultural heart of Queen West pumping, while just next door in Grange Park the Ontario College of Art and Design is helping to shape the next generation of Canadian artists.

Queen West is also home to one of our favourite Toronto streetscapes – Graffiti Alley – where tagging isn’t just encouraged, it’s lauded as a legitimate and worthy public art form.

When it comes to nightlife, clubs like Nocturne are a reminder of Queen West’s recent Goth history while the Bovine Sex Club salutes its punk rock past.

For buyers looking for an artistic neighbourhood to call home, the advantage of Queen West over transitioning areas like The Junction Triangle or Wallace Emerson is that it has already gentrified but it still has a boho flavour to it. While this means you’re unlikely to get a steal on property, you also don’t have to deal with the issues that arise when living in a neighbourhood that hasn’t quite yet come into its own.

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