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Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood is one of the most happening 'hoods in the city but it's too cool to call itself hip and too sustainable for the label "trendy". Let's go with lauded and loveable. No really, there's a lot to love here.

Leslieville is one of Toronto’s most popular neighbourhoods for young professionals. With vintage shopping and hipster cafés along Queen East, as well as a stellar restaurant and bar scene, Leslieville could be thought of as the Queen West of the East if it wasn’t for that unique Leslieville vibe that’s so distinctive yet nearly impossible to articulate. We will do our best through a little musical connotation: whereas Queen West is punk, Leslieville is a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.

It boasts a fantastic stock of mid-priced Toronto houses for sale that are great for young professionals moving up from condo living or for young couples buying their first family home. But there's also a wealth of beautifully-renovated, high-end single-family homes in the area for affluent buyers. And for those willing to put in a little sweat equity, many Leslieville homes for sale in the area's south-end are a renovator’s dream.



When it comes to Leslieville real estate, Leslieville homes come in a wide variety of types and price points. This adds to the neighbourhood's appeal for first-time homebuyers unsure of which type of property will suit them best. There are detached houses, semi-detached, row-houses, townhomes and lofts all within Leslieville’s borders and price points can vary dramatically so there are options here for most buyers. But that breadth of choice also means that you need a neighbourhood expert Realtor who understands Leslieville and the wider east-end to make a smart purchase.

Houses north of Queen tend to be slightly more expensive and are often renovated while those south of Queen are generally more affordable. The area known as “Hollywood North”–the studio district that runs along Eastern Avenue–is home not only to companies servicing the film industry but also artists and designers looking for affordable commercial warehouse space. There are still some great, original condition homes in this area that would be worth much more with a little TLC. However, this is changing. Fast. Houses between Eastern and Queen have been snapped up and renovated as flips or rental properties for years now, causing prices to rise and stock of affordable, original condition homes to dwindle. 

If you're on a budget, there are a number of fantastic Leslieville lofts along Carlaw between Dundas and Queen including the Garment Factory Lofts, the Printing Factory Lofts, the Wrigley Lofts, the Work Lofts and the i-Zone Lofts–the latter two being live/work complexes with some units being strictly residential, some commercial, some a combination of the two.

There's also two new developments by Streetcar - one of the key developers who have transformed Toronto's east end - right at Dundas and Carlaw called The Carlaw and The Taylor. You can read more about them on our partner company's blog at MrLOFT.ca on new Leslieville lofts.

For those considering a townhouse, the new construction Leslieville Loft Houses on Colgate Avenue offer a boutique feel and rooftop terraces but with only a handful of units all pre-sold within hours of release, it may be a long wait for any turnover. Both the aforementioned The Carlaw and The Taylor also offer a handful of loft townhomes within their larger condo community that are more affordable than comparable freehold properties in the area.

If you head a little further west to Riverside, there are more condo and loft options along the main arteries of Queen and Broadview and you're still within a short stroll to Leslieville. In fact, many Realtors® lump these two neighbourhoods together as they share so many similarities and are so close to one another. As well, you can sometimes find more affordable homes in South Riverdale just north of Riverside, west of Leslieville, even though Riverdale is technically a pricier 'hood than Leslieville on average.

If you're on a tight budget, ask your Property.ca Realtor® to take you around some of the streets in these three neighbourhoods where you can still find good deals with a little time and patience, particularly if you're willing to live through a renovation. Once you get to know the area, you can finely target your search which you'll need to do when property hunting in Leslieville and its neighbouring communities like Little India and the Upper Beaches - property sizes, prices and quality of finishes can vary dramatically in just a few blocks and you tend to see price trends happening along specific streets.

Best For...

Young professionals and families looking for Toronto homes for sale (or edgy lofts and condos) in a vibrant neighbourhood.

Why We Love Leslieville

It Didn’t Gentrify its Guts

Despite moving to gentrified status several years ago (unofficially speaking), Leslieville has never lost its edge and is still an eclectic and bohemian neighbourhood. You’ll pass half a dozen independent or small chain coffee houses for every Starbucks and an organic butcher, baker and candlestick maker instead of your typical big name supermarkets.

Leslieville has all of the conveniences you’ll find in Toronto’s core but with an east-side, laidback charm and a little bit of cheek. If you don’t believe us, try karaoke night at The Duke.

Its Value Proposition Kicks West Toronto’s… Well, You Get the Picture

Not everyone can afford downtown and prime west-end housing prices but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a nice home in a vibrant neighbourhood. Leslieville has a small town feel yet it’s conveniently located close to the downtown core with easy highway access for drivers as well as many streetcar options for public transit users.

It has all the amenities you could want within walking distance along with good parks, schools and public services like libraries and community centres, all for housing prices that are often more affordable than its prime central and west-end counterparts. That doesn't mean cheap by any stretch but you'll typically get more home value for your dollar here (and you're more likely to get a fully renovated home) than in other trendy neighbourhoods for young professionals like Little Italy, Parkdale and The Junction.

It’s Hungry like the Wolf

Leslieville is famous for its restaurants, such as Ruby Watchco, Edward’s (formerly Edward Levesque’s Kitchen) and our personal favourite, Gio Rana’s Really Nice Restaurant otherwise known as “The Nose” (we recommend the giant meatball).

It also has tons of shops to buy gourmet and artisan ingredients such as The Leslieville Cheese Market, Olliffe butchers, Sandy Aleksander delicatessen and the Brick Street Bread bakery on Logan for freshly baked carb-tastic goodies.

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