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King West Estate Market Snapshot

Most expensive neighbourhood in Toronto
1.0 million
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King West is often compared to SoHo in New York. This is one of Toronto’s most popular areas for young professionals and those who are young at heart.

The King West neighbourhood is an excellent choice for buyers who are as focused on their social lives as they are on their careers. It has plenty of residential and office buildings but is best known for its restaurants, bars and clubs. 

Best For...

Young professionals who love a high-energy, urban lifestyle and are looking for a little more character in their properties than The Core typically offers.

Why We Love King West

Its Nightlife is Unbeatable

If you enjoy going out with friends to restaurants and bars, there really is no better neighbourhood.

There are countless top-end restaurants, stylish bars and clubs to explore, so much so that people often commute from outside of the city on evenings and weekends just to enjoy this unrivalled party scene.

We’re Big TIFF Fans

If you’re a film buff, you’ll understand why TIFF ranks as one of the best things about this area.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from early to mid September each year, and although its events are spread across the city, the hub is the TIFF Bell Lightbox on King West. There are lots of other film fests, film-inspired exhibitions and special events held by TIFF throughout the year.

You Can Cheat on Your Neighbourhood

King West is a fantastic location because you have the Entertainment District to the east with its amazing theatres and restaurants, and Queen West to the north with its indie vibe. So you can see a big-stage musical one night and discover a new, local band in an intimate bar the next, all within walking distance from home.

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